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Play Mats – We ship your order in shipping bags made from 100% recycled plastic. Because of this you’ll have no big box left in the house after delivery. You can put the plastic bag in a PMD bucket so they can get recycled again.

Splashmats – We ship your order in a recycled carton box.

Puzzle Mats – We ship your order in a recycled carton box.

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United Kingdom – 9,95 (delivery takes about 5 days)

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Czech Republic – 14,95

Other Europe countries – 19,95 (delivery takes about 4-10 days)

Other world countries – 24,95 (delivery takes about 3 weeks)

Play Mats

Both the outside and the inside is made from polyester. Polyester is anti-allergic, wrinkle-free, can be cleaned easily, does not need to be washed hot and can be almost completely recycled. The polyester inner padding is the same fabric as is used for filling teddy bears and pillows and is safe for children.

Sheltered workshops
We like to work with sheltered workshops at various production locations. These are called ‘sheltered workshops’. Sheltered workshops are generally smaller than large production locations. The result of this is that the products from one location are (or may be) slightly different from those from another location, because they work with a different brand of sewing machine, for example. The (generally) female seamstresses receive continuous support and lessons, and sometimes even shelter and extra financial support to help them stand on their own two feet.

It can therefore happen that the edge of one play mat deviates a bit further than the other. This is due to the handwork of the hem and because not everyone has the same experience. We accept some margin in this for this reason.

Another reason that we accept this margin is because sustainable production is very important to us. We therefore do our very best to keep industrial waste to a minimum. The choices we make in this regard may therefore differ slightly from what you may be used to. We ask for understanding from our customers. If you still have questions about this, please do not hesitate to contact us. It remains important for us to see any deviations so that we can make additional efforts at the relevant production location to improve it.

The mats are padded so they are really soft to play on. However, they remain sturdy enough to drive over with small toy cars or play on with blocks and make a big tower. They are about 10/15mm thick and lay flat on the floor. Because of the thickness they are also very easy to clean. 

When your child just starts to roll over (when they’re about 4 months old) and start to bump a little clumsy on the floor, it may be nice to temporarily have something extra under the mat. Usually it will not be necessary but that will depend on the hardness of your floor (when it is stonemarble or something like that).

The play mats come in three sizes.
Loft size (150×200 cm), 79x59inch
City size (150x120cm), 59x47inch
Round size (140cm), 55 inch

The play mats are easy to fold and store. Take them with you while traveling using the matching bag.

Our play mats are available in Loft, city and round size. Our loft size is 200x150cm, city 150x120cm and round is ⌀ 140cm. Wondering which size to buy? In a kidsroom it’s nice to let it come from under a bed or closet. Loft and round size are both very frequently used here. Do you have a small living and want to keep it in one place? Choose the city size. Do you have a large living, or will you fold it after playtime and bring it along to friends or family? Choose the loft size.

At the bottom of the play mats are leaves of non-slip material. This ensures that the play mat does not slide over the floor while crawling. However, the mats are easy to move and do not stick to the ground. Placing a rug pad under your mat can help keep it fixed in place.

Each play mat gets stitched together very accurately by a quilting machine. This sews the anti-slip bottom accurately to the top layer. In between these two layers is the filling. This process is extremely accurate and the margin of error is virtually nil. However, a stitching may come loose during use. A play mat of 59 x 78 inch contains about 46,000 stitches. As a result, it is possible one of them can come loose, that is part of normal use. If that’s the case, it’s important to secure it first so it can not let go further.

Dirt: You can shake off dirt quite easily. You can also vacuum the play mat. Place an attachment on the vacuum nozzle and remove any dust or hairs.
Stains: You can brush away all kinds of stains with a wet cloth or soapy water. No circles will form during drying because the material dries very quickly. The colors as well as the material are very strong, making it easy to wash it well.
Washing machine: You can wash your play mat in the washing machine. Because of the size it will not roll very efficiently so only do this when necessary. Make sure that your washing machine is large enough, in that case it can be washed at 30 degrees. Do not use a softener. For optimal results, you can take the play mat to the dry cleaner.


Wipe up spills with a damp, clean cloth. Do not use any abrasive detergents.
Clean it after each use. Leaving food on the mat for a long time may cause staining.
After cleaning the floor underneath your splashmat, make sure to dry the floor before placing your mat on the floor again. Not suitable for rolling office chairs.

We offer two sizes; 

  • 120×95 (rectangle size), also usable for two high chairs
  • 105cm (round size).

Puzzle Mats

Clean before use with a damp, clean cloth and a gentle soap but do not soak the mat. Dry completely.
The mat is water resistant so you can wipe up spills with a damp, clean cloth. Do not use any abrasive detergents. After cleaning the floor underneath your mat, make sure to dry the floor before placing it again. 

Not for outdoor use. Avoid direct sunlight which could cause discolouration. The puzzle mat will discolour a bit over time, keep this in mind if you want to buy expansions.

Not suitable for animals, high heels, heavy furniture or sharp objects that may damage the mat. You can use a vacuum cleaner, but please exercise caution as they could cause damage to the mat.

It comes in the standard size of 180x120cm. Every Puzzle piece is 60cm. You can combine as much puzzle pieces as you’d like to create one large playground.

Our Puzzle Play Mats can be used on floors with heating. However, be careful with wooden floors that still need to ‘air’ because the puzzle mats close the surface.