Shipping & Delivery

All orders placed before 4:00 PM are usually shipped the same day with PostNL. In most cases your order will be delivered the next day. Depending on the country of arrival, the delivery time is longer. PostNL uses local delivery services in countries outside the Netherlands. Once your order has been processed, you will receive a track & trace code with which you can track your order.

Playmats – We ship your order in shipping bags made from 100% recycled plastic. This means you no longer have a large box at home after delivery. You can put the plastic bag in a PMD bin/bag so that they can be recycled again.

Spill mats – We ship your order in a recycled cardboard box.

Puzzle mats – We ship your order in a recycled cardboard box.

Of course! We are happy to wrap your play mat in beautiful gift wrapping paper, including a personally written card with the text you provide. This is then packed in a box and, if desired, sent directly to the lucky person.

The mess mats and puzzle mats are shipped in the packaging box, which unfortunately means that we cannot pack them.

Netherlands – free shipping
Belgium – free shipping
Germany – free shipping

Delivery worldwide. Shipping costs depend on the product. The final costs will be calculated during the ordering process.

EUR 1 (delivery takes about 2-3 days)
Spain – 9.95
France – 9.95
Italy – 9.95
Finland – 9.95
Denmark – 9.95
Luxembourg – 9.95
Switzerland – 9.95
United Kingdom – 9.95 (delivery takes approximately 5 days)

EUR 2 (delivery takes about 5 days)
Greece – 14.95 (delivery to Greece takes about 2 weeks)
Hungary – 19.95
Sweden – 19.95
Slovenia – 19.95
Ireland – 19.95
Slovakia – 19.95
Portugal – 19.95
Poland – 19.95
Czech Republic – 19.95

Other European countries – 19.95 (delivery takes approximately 4-10 days)

Other world countries – 49.95 (delivery takes approximately 3 weeks)