Our story

My daughter Lily was about 5 months old when Love by Lily was founded. At that time she just started crawling. In our small apartment in Amsterdam I collected all kinds of blankets to create one large and safe playing space. It had to be nice and big so that we could play on it together. This gave rise to the idea of ​​making one large, well-padded play mat that had to meet all requirements.

At the same time we bought a house in Gouda. All kinds of toys and mats for kids did not really suit well with my interior plans for our new house. The play corner I wanted should be seen permanently as a part of our home and not be removed to give our home a good look. I started designing and visiting production locations to create a first sample.

After a few months our first samples arrived at the local post office. The play mats still needed some adjustments because in the meantime I became pickier about all the features the play mats needed to have. The perfect play mat should be well padded, easy to fold, anti-slip and most of all easy to clean. In that time we were pendeling back and forth from Amsterdam to Gouda and we learned to enjoy the garden in the summer and from then on the play mats also needed to be able to be used outdoors.

After going through all the new customizations with the appropriate manufacturer, the new play mats arrived. They were absolutely perfect! The first orders were received within a week and from then until now in 2022 we doubled our production with every production order. The range has now been expanded considerably, all products have been inspected and certified and Love by Lily is generally known for its high quality play mats for indoor and outdoor use. They are sold in stores in more than 21 countries and provide quality fun worldwide!

Our story is not finished yet, the best part is the continuous development and improvement of our products. Keep an eye on us on socials to keep up with new developments.

Love, Jessica